The Fittest Survive As Do The Preppers

We are not so focused on potential disaster that we miss out on daily fun. We continually evaluate our decisions and purchases based on how they will play out, regardless of whether we ever have to live through civil breakdown. This keeps us balanced. As an example, we tend to buy large quantities of food that we already eat rather than large quantities of MREs that, truth be told, we really don’t like. We actually USE a lot of our survival supplies on a daily basis.

With no electricity, the ATM and credit card machines might not work. If so, cash will be king. Thus, not having at least $1,000.00 in small bills available will put prepper forum honda 2000 at a disadvantage.

Food will always be a favorite gift from anyone. But what if you are clueless in the kitchen? What if you aren’t sure what kind of food your friends like? Even if you can cook, will they have to carry around the food until they get home or what if your dish spoils on the way? So now that food gift ideas seem like an uncertainty, you can still give your loved-ones gourmet gifts without worrying about certain concerns and still say that your gift has much sentimental value.

Shelter- Where will you stay? You will need a place that is safe, dry and warm (and hopefully comfortable as well). Many people will probably just stay in their houses. This can be a good option as long it is safe. According to the Beans, Bullets and Band-aids theory, a home that is on a significant amount of property, hidden from main roads, can be a great shelter for disaster scenarios. Those that already live a preppers survivalists on youtube lifestyle will be at an advantage and may have a home that uses renewable resources like solar or wind. These resources could come in very handy. There are also many others that have a separate home just for survival circumstances. So if you have the money, this may be a great investment for you and your family.

Make wise foods Choices. Dr. Oz and Weight Watchers share the same passion about establishing healthy eating habits. People need to always make smart choices in regards to the foods they purchase. They must also learn to cook the foods using methods that help the actual foods retain higher nutrition.

Now let’s say the shit hits the fan and your family is thrown into survival mode. You have prepared for this and can manage without help or intervention for 3 months. Once the three months is up you are forced to try to trade for your necessities like food, water, sanitation, medicine, shelter, etc.

I can be positive. I know that I need to focus on what I want, not what I don’t want. I know that I have the power to do anything I sent my mind to do. So, why is it a struggle? I need that sociologist’s number. Or, perhaps a psychiatrist?

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